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Urology For Women

Urinary leakage or "incontinence" is one of those taboo subjects in society. It's something very few women will admit to. It is defined as involuntary loss of urine without control. Many see it as an inevitable consequence of childbirth and ageing and will suffer in silence.

Approximately two thirds of women will not have discussed their problem with their GP. Mr Walker says "It should not be something women have to put up with - there are a number of options to improve things from medication to pelvic floor physiotherapy and simple surgical procedures."

Pelvic floor and bladder problems are very common in women of all ages and not just the older ages. Mr Walker says "the perception that this is something associated with old age is wrong. I see lots of younger women whose work, social, sporting and sex life are significantly affected by this problem. It’s a very rewarding area to work in as often simple surgery can restore them to normal functioning. The difficulty is often encouraging people to come forward. Programmes such as 'Embarrassing Illnesses' help".

Number Of Women Affected By Urinary Incontinence: